Menu Ideas - Vegan & Vegetarian Party Food

(V) = Vegan | (B) = Bowl Food | (BF) = Buffet | (M) = Manapes - roughly 3 bites in size

Butternut squash and chickpea cakes served with red onion marmalade, cucumber, coriander and lemon raita, tomato and chilli salsa (V) 

Caribbean sweet potato patties served with spicy spinach and coconut sauce, plaintain chips and char grilled sweetcorn (V)

A platter of dips -  all (V)

- White bean rosemary and olive oil,

- Turmeric hummus,

- Crushed broad beans, 

- Turkish red pepper with pomegranate molasses and mint Chunky guacomole with preserved lemon

All served with courgette and green chilli cornbread, summer leaves and raw vegetables (can substitute cornbread with a superfood loaf to make it (V)) and sourdough toast

Jackfruit burgers with barbecue sauce and firecracker slaw - very tasty! (V) (M)

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni served with pesto bread and a crunchy salad

Thai curry with deep fried tofu, pak choi, baby corn and peppers in a coconut, lemon grass, kaffir lime and galangal sauce (V)

West African Stew with sweet potato and black beans served on cous cous (V) (B)

Jamaican Stew with rice and peas (V)

Marinated summer antipasti (V) (B) (BF)

Korean roasted cauliflower with gochujang glaze and corn crumb (V) (B) (BF)

Puy lentil and heirloom tomato salad (V) (B)

Freekeh salad with slow cooked onions and artichokes (V) (B)

Aubergine Bhaji (V) (B) (BF)

Corn Quesadillas - guests to make their own from: black  bean paste, tomato salsa, diced avocado, herbs and lettuce (V) 

Wild mushrooms and barley with a slice of gorgeous bread or polenta (V)

Sweet potato cakes

Herb stuffed beef tomatoes

Vietnamese summer rolls with mango and tofu served with a dipping sauce (V) (M) (BF)

Malaysian grilled aubergine with sweet soy, lime and spring onion (V) (B) (BF)

Chickpea and baby carrot tagine with a nut and pomegranate cous cous and harrisa (V)

Thai tofu curry with jasmine scented rice (V) (B)

Indian curry with tamarind and potato served with naan or rice (V) (B)

Salads that are substantial and a meal unto themselves would work well and are good for sharing...

- Thai salad - brown rice, tofu, beansprouts, roasted peanuts with dressing of lime, ginger and lemongrass (V)

- Quinoa, brown rice, charred avocado, feta, edamame beans, broccoli and roasted seeds ((V) if substitute tofu for feta)

- Quinoa with wild rice, sweet potato, red pepper and a chilli and peanut dressing (V)

- Quinoa, mango, puy lentil, fennel with a sweet curried dressing (V)

- Chinese leaf coleslaw with tofu mayonnaise (V)

- Roasted cauliflower with olives, cherry tomato, seeds, lemon, fresh herbs and sumac (V)

- Spelt with roasted squash, fennel with fresh herbs, feta and lemon

- Power salad of mixed sprouts, fresh herbs, mooli, carrot, edamame, avocado, radish with a tahini dressing (V)

- Charred broccoli, french beans and mange tout with sweet sesame salad (with cubes of roasted tofu) (V)

- Farro and smoky red pepper salad (V)

- Mango and coconut rice salad (basmati and camargue red rice) (V)

- Ratte potatoes with fried capers, shallot and rocket with a mustard dressing (V)

- Soba noodles with aubergine and mango (V)

- Roasted saffron cauliflower (V)

- Roasted buckwheat salad with squash and spinach (V)

- Lentil salad topped with aubergine pulp (V)

- Multi coloured tomato salad with cous cous and fregola (V)

- Summer leaves with pomegranate, lebanese cucumber, tomato with a saffron vinaigrette (V)

- Lentils with sweet carrots, dates and golden cream

- Celebration cous cous - cranberries, pomegranate, loads of fresh herbs and edible flowers to garnish (V) (BF)

Butternut squash, blue cheese and quince tart

Rainbow roasted vegetables with basil pesto drizzle (V) or veggie

Slices of roasted cauliflower cake

Bowls of red bean, sweet potato and spinach Mexican chilli with a chunky guacomole, tomato salsa and charred corn-on-the-cob (V)

Vegetable 'fritto misto' in a saffron-yeast  batter - could work well included in a sharing plate

Tunisian-style vegetables marinated and roasted (carrot, small onions, red peppers, baby fennel, mushrooms, courgette, squash) (V)

Homemade crackers packed with all the good stuff, served with:  all (V), (M) (BF)

  • Turmeric hummus,

  • Chunky guacamole,

  • Babaganoush

Buffalo cauliflower tacos (V) (M) (BF)

Teriyaki tempeh with peanut dipping sauce (V) (M)

Chinese pancakes with sweet tofu (V) (M) 

Vegetable sushi (V) (M)

Homemade falafel in half a pitta with tahina and all the trimmings (V) (M)

Kale and squash tart

Lentil and sweet potato shepherdess

Sage, potato and squash boulangere potato


  • Homemade black bean  burgers with pickled onion, chipotle mayo and guacamole

  • Smoky Miso aubergines with pickled mooli

  • Charred sweetcorn with lime and coriander

  • Spiced halloumi and watermelon skewers

  • Marinated Courgette Lollipops

  • Vegetarian Sausages with relish