Bowl of Food

Marrakech lamb tagine or chickpea and carrot tagine served with:
- Herb and nut couscous with jewels of pomegranate
- Turkish bread
- Harissa and yoghurt sauce 

Prawn or butternut squash Thai green curry served with:
- Carrot, peanut, coriander salad with a zesty lime dressing
- Fragrant jasmine rice 

Wild mushroom stroganoff or beef served with:
- Roasted sweet and regular potatoes
- White rice
- Salad of salad leaf, fresh dill, tomato, French bean and red onion

Spinach or butternut squash and feta filo pie served with:
- Tahini and yoghurt dip
- Turkish bread
- Salad of roast peppers, fresh herbs, cos lettuce, red onion

Marinated Halloumi kebabs or fish and Halloumi served with:
- Lime and caper vinegarette
- Quinoa salad with marinated fennel and fresh herbs

Pulled pork wraps served with:
- BBQ sauce
- Lemon coleslaw
- Roasted potato wedges

A salad of barley with griddled avocado, edamame beans, feta and fresh herbs served with:
- Mini Sardinian style cauliflower
- Artisan bread

Gorgeous chilli with black beans and quinoa served with a chunky guacamole